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    Support for grieving pet owners

    If anyone is upset at the passing over of a beloved pet, then you are welcome to contact us via our website. We offer free support and a sympathetic ear. You can reach us via our site:

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    Majority of the owners consider their pets as the biggest part of their families. Their loss leads them to the physical as well as emotional side effects. I am extremely pleased you have mentioned your website for those who need support and sympathy to get out from the loneliness.
    [url=][b]Purebred Breeders[/b][/url] is a health conscious and responsible organisation for dog breeding

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    Good to hear that there is still someone "normal" on this forum! I thought that it had been invaded by spammers. I wriote to admin about it, but got no reply. What's happening on this forum? Is it no longer moderated?

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    There is now a new site owner. So I will continue to post on this forum - and anyone upset at the loss of a beloved pet is welcome to contact me via my website.

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    I consider my pets to be a friend, companion, and some as close as a family member. The loss is very saddening. Thanks for the free info on your website.

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    Re: Support for grieving pet owners

    Good luck with your website and animal bereavement counselling, Peter. That's a fine thing you're doing.



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