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    How To Travel Safely With Your Dog In The Car

    When going on a trip, it can be hard to leave your dog at home, especially if you can't find anyone to take care of them. Sometimes it's nice to let Fido come along for the ride. After all, dogs love car rides. However, there are several precautions you should take and tips you should follow if your dog will be joining you on your summer road trip.

    The Animal Movers reality show advises that dog parents need to be concerned about how to travel safely with a pet. James Nelligan, star of Animal Movers and owner of Pacific Pet Transport has several tips for how to keep your pet safe while traveling, especially by car.

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    Don't drive with your dog in your lap. Your pooch can get in the way and cause distractions. This behavior has led to many road fatalities.

    Everyone needs a break on a long road trip, whether its for food, to use the bathroom, or just to stretch your legs. Your dog could also use a good stretch or bathroom break on a long car ride. Take them out so they can catch a break as well.

    Make sure your dog stays hydrated. Just because your dog is in a moving car, doesn't mean they should be denied water. After all, you most likely have some sort of liquid in the center console. Bring a bowl or portable water dish and make sure your pet can drink during the trip. It may spill, but after all, it's just water. You can also let them drink at rest stops.

    Don't let your dog run wild on breaks. It can be very freeing after being stuck in a car for a long time, but it is important to keep your dog on a leash during breaks. It will keep your dog safe and keep them from getting lost and it will also keep others out of danger in an unpredictable circumstance.

    If your dog is traveling in a crate, make sure it is open enough so that your furry friend can get enough ventilation. Your dog should be comfortable and able to breathe.

    Dogs just love to stick their heads out the window, but this isn't the best idea when traveling over 40 miles per hour as your dog can get flying objects like bugs in their eyes. If your pooch can't resist, you can buy dog goggles to protect their head and eyes. However, you also put your dog at risk of falling out, so make sure the window isn't open too much.

    Make sure your pet gets exercise before you set out on your travels. Since your pet won't be able to move around much in the car, let them release some energy beforehand so they're more relaxed during the trip.

    Be familiar with state laws about travelling with pets. Some states have certain guidelines. For instance, in New Jersey, dogs must be harnessed or crated when traveling by car.

    Consider micro-chipping your pet and make sure they have an ID tag on their collar. When traveling to new places, you never know what can happen. Take precautions and make sure someone can contact you in the event that your pet goes missing.
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    You should take precautions when traveling with your dog. Remember to keep your pets out of the front seat and also safe from the airbag. Do not keep equipments or items in your car which can injure your dog in just a slight fender bender.
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