Last night, I was driving home from work, and after I got off the highway and was traveling through town, I see this young man, mid-20's, with a HUGE backpack strapped on walking along. Behind him, a black lab mix casually walks. Beside him, an alaskan mix breed walks, also under the weight of a large backpack. A sign hangs on the back of the man's pack. It reads "broke, hungry, traveling, all help appreciated".

About 1/4 mile up, I pull over and call my husband at home. I say "don't ask questions, but please do as I ask". He says "okay". (you gotta love this man!) I say, "Take two freezer bags and fill them with our dog food, then look to see if we have any portable people food, something already made up you can grab, too. I'll be in our driveway in 5 minutes, come down and meet me, we have something to do."

I pick him up, he's got the dog food but since we don't keep processed foods in the house, no people food. Oh well. As I'm plotting in my head which route this traveler would have continued on, I'm driving and explaining to Michael what's going on. Sure enough, within 5 minutes, he spots him up ahead. Luckily, it's a spot where I'm able to pull out of traffic and park.