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    The "Field collection and discovery thread". Look

    I think a thread like this could be productive and inspiring.
    What is field collection/discovery
    Walk out side your back door, look down. See anything? Snails, grass, bugs? Good, id hope so because this world is full of life, every inch of it.
    Fielding is basically collecting plants, animals and other interesting things from the great outdoors. Collecting doesn't necessarily mean taking what you found and bringing it home, it can be as simple as writing down what you found or taking a picture to share with the rest of us. Most people dont realize the variety of life that lives outside their door. In the case of aquatics, you may go down to a pond and find some shrimp, or maybe an aquatic worm and want to know what it is, if it can be of any use, and so on. Possibly you find a cool looking plant that you have seen in the fish store.

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    i must say it is nice share good to know that



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