Saturday 29TH April 2012 – Upton Warren (Christopher Cadbury’s Nature Reserve),
Weather was a little ruff most of the day with very high winds, rain and being a little cold in between walking around the hides.

This was my first visit to the reserve and I must admit I was very surprised with the layout and the way the reserve looked, I don’t know what I was expecting but will be returning very regular in the future.

As you probably know there are 2 main pools to the reserve and a sailing pool, the Flashes and the Moors pools both had surprisingly different types of species on them.

Yes there were some of the same species on both but there were a few surprises for me, while walking from the Avocet Hide to the Hen Brook Hide I did manage to see my first Northern Wheatear which was less than 10 meters in front of me on the top of a bush.
I didn’t realise how beautiful these birds were and must admit I was expecting them to be slightly smaller than they really are.

While in the Avocet Hide I did manage to see my first wild Avocet along with a few little ringed plovers and linnets (I know to the regular birder these may seem a little common but to me they are firsts for the year).

While on the Moors Pools I managed to see 4 Oystercatchers sitting on nests and 3 Great Crested Grebes also sitting on nests.

There was also a Sparrow Hawk flying across the pool (Moors) at pretty regular intervals during the early afternoon, I also had a quick flash of a Kingfisher as it flew low and quick across the pool.

Male and female Pheasant at the feeding station next to the hide just above the disabled hide, one thing I did notice there were loads of House Martins on the sailing pool and around the other 2 pools there were loads of Swallows and Sand Martins with a few House Martins.
The third pool on the reserve the North Pool was a little bit of a letdown after the other 2 this is a much smaller pool with a heavy reeded edging hardly anything around here but did manage to see some Reed Bunting and a couple of Jays a list of all the species seen can be found just below.

As I said before I will be returning here again probably ion a couple of weeks or at the end of the month.

Next day out Sandwell Valley and Swan Pool Thursday 3rd May