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    What does your cat like to play with?

    Our cat, she never plays with her toys. I mean, we've bought her all kinds of toys, ones with catnip, ones that make noise, and pretty much any other kind of toy, but she never touches them. You know what she plays with? Hair ties. She chases them all around the house, and if you throw one above her head, she'll actually stand up on two feet to catch it between her paws. It's really cute. :3 She's also pretty fond of shoelaces. Whenever someone ties their shoes, she runs right over to supervise.

    So, what things does your cat like to play with?~

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    I have two cats with my own and they always used to play with cottons, pillows, hair balls. I bought them some toys to play. But they never play with those. Always use to play with unwanted stuffs. Sometimes I’m getting fed up with them. But I love them so much and I like to see when they both are playing.
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    I have two kittens and they like to play a lot. I have bought some toys for them but they are not interested on that. Always they like to play with paper balls.
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    Mt cat likes to play with my shoes. It always is carrying one of my shoes and play with it all the day. But never eat or damage it.

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    My one cat likes to play with my hair and the lines that hang down from the blinds on my windows. Those and my dogs' tails.

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    Re: What does your cat like to play with?

    my cat loves to play with drink lids! we buy her soo many toy and balls she never play with them! sometimes she drags her basket up and down the stairs!!!!

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    Re: What does your cat like to play with?

    My cat likes to play with pens, haha. Suddenly, when I'm searching for some of my pens, I find them under the couch. >u>



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