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    Wing-Clipping vs Trust... Advice?

    Hey Pet Forums! With some but not very much prior bird experience, I recently rescued a young parakeet named Prudence, who also happens to love listening to the Beatles. She seems very sweet, but isn't terribly tame. This is fine, since I have time to work with her and have been for the past few days, and she's starting to be fine with my hand being in the cage to change her food and water out. Progress!

    I've clipped birds' wings before, and there's plenty of instruction (and opinions!) on how to do so everywhere online, but my main issue here is trust. She's pretty skittish once anybody gets near her, and she's escaped from the cage a couple of times since her wings aren't clipped - she hit a window and a mirror the second time, which was very stressful for her and horrifying for me.

    I'd like to clip her wings for the taming process (I've lived with flighted birds in-home before, and it's fine so long as they're tame as far as I'm concerned - I plan to let them grow back out once she's tame) but I'm worried about sabotaging my efforts because she's still very frightened of people. Is it more important that I build trust first, or protect her from accidents?

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    Personally i dont see any issues with clipping the feathers, obviously as long as theyre fully hard penned with no blood supply. Its painless and can reduce the stress on the bird, which especially with aves is paramount. Stress in birds can easily lead to illness.
    Its better to temporarily stress the bird with the clipping process than a prolonged stress of trying to capture the bird while its flying before its tamed down.



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