I have enough for a scope (almost but not quite) but then with the adapters and tripod, etc... I would get the scope and watch Spring come and go while I'm saving my nickels, and admiring the scope I can't use.


I can get a Lumix 300mm and Lumix 500mm, with a cheap little tripod, and the shutter cable that's on it's way with the 4/3rds to FD adapter... then I can play with my old lenses here.... and start right in with my new camera.

So, I'm totally torn. I'm having surgery Wednesday, and I'll be doped up pretty good, and lolling about the premises, wiggling my toes in the air for a few weeks. I have a lovely perch over the river, and plenty of bird activity without even leaving the house.

I'm leaning towards getting the lenses and tripod... then using this Season to just orient to my camera and train.... then perhaps later in the year, sneak up again on the idea of a scope.

I know... how did I survive to adulthood without Birdforum, eh?