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    Dog Control Harness

    We have had many German Shepherds - big ones - and they can really pull on the lead when they see something of interest - cats ?

    Both me and my wife have taken a fall when suddenly pulled and it hurts. You can easily damage a knee, wrist or elbow badly if caught off guard. It can be serious.

    Elderly people are particularly at risk of being at constant pulling strain or being pulled over by a sudden pull.

    We have tried several "Halter" collars, all of which vary from useless to not too bad, but none of them have been a success.

    My Rottie Kaiser at 50 kg, has a pull like the Space Shuttle at boost. Rotties have the power of a bull. So not wishing to emulate a chariotless Charlton Heston in Ben-Hur, We looked round for a really good restraining collar and asked many people. I surfed the Internet inside out.

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    What is it about German Sheperds and cats? Dogs and cats are like mortal enemies, but for some reason german sheperds seem to be the ultimate cat enemy.

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