Hi all, first time in fish forum so please be gentle.

I took my family to a fair the other day and my daughter won a goldfish. (I thought they no longer did this so dont get me started on the cruelty of the whole thing).

Anyway we 'rescued' Twinkle and took it home a.s.a.p. We did what all nieve people do with goldfish and put it in tap water (I didnt have a lot of choice it was sunday and I couldnt leave the poor thing in the bag).
I was possitive it was going to die. It sank straight to the bottom with its fins all squashed in.

First thing next morning I got a aquarium off a friend and ornaments and such, and got some water treatment from the local pet shop and hoped for the best...

Well now nearly a week later and Twinkle is going strong. She (My daughter has decided its a girl) has her fins back up, but is always at the bottom of the tank on the gravel. When she poos its white. My question is does she sound ok?
Ive never known a fish spend so much time at the bottom of a tank.. and Im sure their poo is normally black. She is eating fine although she waits for it to come to her rather than swim up for it.....