right couple months ago we woke up with a horse teetered on back of our house ( we did not know then in fact he was a painbald pony only 7 months ) it was on 5 th of nov week ,anyhow someone was attending to the poor thing but as it was coming close to the firework night many of us we been very concern on his welfare any how , there have been kids who stoned him and tried to put his hay on fire . after couple days of calling RSPCA , several rescue horses and police , finally his owners removed him. We thought he will be going in to stables ...yeah right all this crap winter was out side by him self about a mile away from us and moved regularly from one side of the road to the other , last week the poor thing come back at our place , he is in the rain , dirty as a pig ( i do not think he was groomed at all) . we have been told before his owner lives not far away but his brother comes to feed him and move him , however when the police arrived couple months back out of nowhere appear more blokes who in fact should of not been there but we found out they r travellers and we believe the owners might be this chaps .
so now the poor thing is back of our house , and looks to get very distressed when people who pass by and give him a pat then they r leaving , he starts to run in circles and gets very distressed . Is a very calm pony and absolutely gorgeous .
He come at my dogs and they had a good sniff is not afraid of them , we r very very concerned about the welfare of this poor boy is about 10 months old now and I have heard rumours that he would be keep out side on council land , exposed to dogs and nasty kids , until the age of 2 , when allegedly would be good for cart .

The law dose not help me at all , is not illegal to keep the horse in this conditions , they can move him several meters away every 7 days , he looks to be hungry all the time (a circle around him the grass is running thin ) and is raining terrible out side . He is soaking and dirty like hell , it dose slightly thinner now then it was 3 months ago and the head collar seems to be very very tight .
I called the councillor on our area he said he would do something but I have some doubts , do not not know what else we can do for this poor lad , he really should be now in the stables