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    Abandoned Kitten

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post in this forum. I and my husband love pets a lot. And for the first time we are going to adopt a new one. But the story is a bit exceptional. A little kitten had recently been abandoned by its mom (another stray cat) in our garage. It is hungry and wants to be fed. Since we have no prior experience we decided to get help of internet.

    In this regard let me give a picture of the place where we are currently staying. We are in a remote part of India. This is not a metro city. And animals are extremely neglected, or rather I should say ill-treated in other words by local people. No vets, no pet stores, nothing. And people around us are equally non-cooperative, at least regarding keeping abandoned pets. We are at a loss now. We can't let it simply die in front of our eyes. We somehow managed one syringe. And a pack of common baby milk. We are left with no choice. We are trying our best by putting it inside a shoe box. It is a tropical country, so warmth won't be an issue I guess.

    We don't know whether we are on the right track. Just thought of posting in a good animal forum to share this experience with everyone else. Any good support or advice is welcome.

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