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    How long do fish live for out of water?

    I never knew & never really thought bout it until yesterday....

    10:00am I walk downstairs to make my morning cuppa, to find my fish missing! Lucky17 was nowhere to be seen! As my parents & brothe rhad all left for work I assumed they might of discovered him & needed to inform me face to face... I was quite disturbed. I proceeded to go out & fulfill my day.

    4:00pm On returning from my activities mt brother was home. I asked himif he knew anything & he hadnt noticed. We were both baffled & could still not get through to either parent to see what was going on.

    It was 5 minutes later when my brother screamed ,'the fish, hes here!'

    I couldnt believe it, to my utter disbelief the fish had jumped over the back between the bowl & wall & fell a good 1.5m & got stuck between the shelf unit & skirting board. He was so well hidden Imnot surprised I didnt notice him in the morning.

    I managed to move the shelf & got him, & even more shocking was he was still breathing! still ALIVE! I threw him straight back into the bowl & he was back....He did have some slight marking but hes ok.


    I won the goldfish 3 years ago at a fair & named him Lucky17 & from this day forth he may be the luckiest!

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    good to know that i must say it is nice and informative share

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    Amazing story!! Goldfish are members of the group "Actinopterygii" and one of the defining characteristic of this group is the possession of a swim bladder, which can act as a lung. As such goldfish actually have no real problem with performing gas exchange our of water, rather, it is the lack of moisture, rod shaped bones and food which actually kills them. Gold fish and other Ray-Finned fishes have been known to live up to 4 days out of water.
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