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    Picked up puppies on the interstate

    Well I was driving home today and was less than 10 miles from the house when I saw these four puppies playing on the side of the interstate. Two of them almost got squished by one of the big 18 Wheelers in front of me, but the driver managed to avoid them. I pulled over and picked up the 4 puppies. There are Two black females and a black and tan male and a brown female. They are currently staying at my friends house, but we need go find homes for them. At this point we are not even going to try and find their owners, because is is most likely they were dumped on the interstate and left to die or get picked up by a sucker like me. My friend can't keep them because she already has to many rescues and I can't keep them because my dogs are to agressive (jealous really) towards other dogs.
    I'll get pictures later this week, but if anyone knows of anybody who wants to take in a 6 week old reservation mut puppy please let me know. At the moment as they've just been picked up they don't have shots, or dewormings or anything.

    Located in New Mexico

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    Aww, how kind of you to stop and help.
    Thank goodness there are people like you.

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    Hi there, did you find homes for the pups I'd love to think it turned out to be a happy ending??

    Anne UK



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