hello i hope you dont mind me jumping in on this forum and apologies for length, i just wanted to ask a question to fellow cat lovers.

my cat will be 20 in a few weeks and i've had her since she was a kitten (and i was a teenager) she has a had a long and happy life as the center of my world. 2 years ago i gave birth to twins and a year ago we moved from a one bedroom flat to a big crumbling house and 6 weeks later she went suddenly and profoundly blind (she has been going deaf for a few years).

she sleeps for most of the time but when she is a wake she is pretty miserable. She is scared of the twins (who are very good with animals and do not touch her unless we say its ok) she sits on my knee for about 30mins every evening and is happy and purring and if it is very warm she will sit in the garden happily, but the rest of the time she is lost and confused in the house and wanderers around crying, i think she is too old to learn and quite senile. She has to sleep in the kitchen on her own at night (she always slept in my bed before) because she keeps waking us up and often crys (my husband cannot cope with her crying as well as two babies!).

Other than arthritus, blindness and partial deafness she is in remarkably good health and the vet says she could go on for 3 or more years. I feel so guilty about her unhappiness but i also feel so guilty about even thinking about having her put to sleep. What would you do? thank you for any advice