Hello all,

I am not quite a new dog owner. As a kid more or less grew up alongside a Scottish terrier mix named Jinxx that the family rescued from a shelter one day before she was to be put down. Had her for about 8 years, had to eventually euthanize due to cancer and arthritis.

Anyways I am looking for a dog breed.

I would consider taking in a shelter dog, and know they are oftentimes the best choice, but I would also like some opinions with regards to pure blooded dogs too and as such came here hoping for people's hands on experience with a given breed to try and help make a decision.

Small to Medium

I am looking more for a sort that doesn't shed a lot. Who doesn't...

I have heard that some breeds have a bad habit of overeating - which isn't helped by lack of excerise - and as such am looking for a breed that doesn't have a habit of been an overeater.

light to moderate - I don't want a couch potato but a dog that will just as readily be happy with an hour or so excerise every day. My uncle has BCs for example and if we don't take them for a run they are tearing up the yard... and tormenting the kids [herding / ankle biting]

Good with children - my uncle sometimes brings his kids over to visit. One is 4 years old, the other is 8, and a third is 12. The 8 and the 12 year old [boys] kind of like to mess around, tussle, etc... so I'd like a dog that can "guard" children as it were but wouldn't have a habit of freaking out / getting over excited with the children's antics and hurt them [accidentually or not].

Other pets:
I have a cat - a former stray tom [probable maine coon mix, he's huge] - named Spartacus. I know, I know proper introduction to other pets usually works but some breeds have higher than normal prey drive and even introductions might not entirely work.

I am a moderately active person and wouldn't mind doing some agility, flyball, etc. I am looking as such for a breed that would like to do these sorts of things... and likewise is trainable. Jinxx [the family terrier above] was like all terriers and very stubborn and my brother right now has a Malamute [named Thor] so I am aware of "smart" dogs been stubborn.... Okay make it simple a dog that's smart but not so stubborn it won't listen.

Health Issues:
I'd prefer for suggestions to keep in mind no dogs that are riddled with inherited dieases.