The debate has come to Canada, and knowing the wide diversity of our members in both Countries and bliefes I decided to bring it here. Should Ear Cropping and tail Docking, ie cosmetic surgury, be legal. Animal rights activists say no, what do you think?

I'll start with my two cents on this;

As the owner of a rottweiler and knowing the breed in both docked and undocked forms I have to say visually I perfer a docked rottie, but I also am aware that a tail does not change the attitude of the dog, a tailed rottie is as much a clown as an untailed. A tailed rottie is in some eyes less imposing and it does change the body build, a tailed rottie is thicker in the back end as the tail gives the dog a 'rudder' to lean again and changes the dogs center of balance.

But beyond this a docked tail is not just cosmetic. When a dog likes its work it often wags its tail, a rottweiler behind a cow drops to avoid being kick, but due to the tail being in the air, the tail is hit and either cut or broke from the hit. An injured tail is a liability and can cause the dog his health as well as the pain of that broken tail possibly being amputated.

As for ear cropping, I know in the pitty world it was to remove the ear so that fighting dogs wouldn't have ears to grab on to, unsure of what its for in doberman. However I do know that a floppy ear is more prone to infection, and knowing my rottweiler has an infected ear at least once if not twice a year, I have to say I would much rather for go that issue.

Bein as these are the two issues being voiced I must also add, the removal of dew claws. This is a practice of just about every responsible breeder. I have to say dew claws are a terrible thing, I have had a dog and met dogs who have torn, caught and broke their dew claws. Our own dog had to have stitches to fix this once and had to have her paw wrapped on numerous occasions simply from playing and catching the claw on the lawn.

In my opinion, cosmetic surgery should be allowed, but only by qualified vetrinarians, a dog not done by a vet, should be able to bring the owner up on charges of animal cruilty by said vet.