we have a 6month old female cat, for the past 2 or 3 days we have noticed that when she walks, her back end is kind of lower than it used to be (instead of her back being horizontal its curved downwards).When she walks she seems to be lumbering and not moving very fast, as if she has sore back legs or sore hips.When we pick her up she lets out a meow, although this could be due to the fact she is not used to being picked up (she was dropped as a kitten we were told, before we got her).

She hasnt been out since we got her (we were keeping her in till she got spayed) and i dont think she has injured herself in our home.

Bearing in mind she is only 6 months old and we have another 4month old kitten who tries to play with her, all she does is sleep and if we pick her up and put her down to see if she will walk she just sits where we place her, as if it is painful for her to walk.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.