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    My adorable cat.

    I thought I'd post pictures of my dear little cat, Sunshine.

    This was on his first day at my house, we'd found him outside and decided to bring him in, not thinking we would keep him. But, of course, we couldn't resist. We brought him to the vet, and they really did not think he would survive, yet he did. He was only five weeks then, and so adorable.

    A random picture of how small he was, and how adorable his paws are.

    Then, this is later on, when he got neutered. Poor thing. xD

    ...Just what will he get himself into next? xD

    So comfy...

    This is recently, when he got attacked by a cat during a trip outside and it got infected, so he had to wear that thing again. Poor thing, hasn't had the best times outside.. Doesn't stop him from being comfy though, huh? (;

    How very normally he'd sit on my bed...

    That's all I have for now... I have many, many more pictures if any of you are interested. And just so you know, he's gotten rid of that.. cone, or whatever it's called now. =)
    And please, excuse the size of the pictures. -_-

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    My cat was laying on his back and he stretched

    Warehouse Shelving
    Pallet Racking



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