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    Re: Dog wont eat raw meat...

    Firstly, a warm welcome to the forum. Please visit the introductions section to say hello to members. What pets do you have?

    Regarding your question, I suggest that you read all three pages of this thread carefully. I cannot comment personally as I have never given any dog raw meat.

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    Re: Dog wont eat raw meat...

    If you want to feed your dog with raw meat, you should remember some special considerations before feeding raw meat. Feed dog with raw, meat only if your dog is perfectly healthy. You need deworm your dog regular monthly. Wash your dog’s bowls every day. Put the raw meat in the freezer more than 48 hours. But for me, I don’t recommend to feed the dogs with raw meat.

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    Re: Dog wont eat raw meat...

    Quote Originally Posted by BriBri View Post
    What type of RAW meat are you suppose to feed them!?
    You can give any kind of meat but you have to check if the meat you buy it good for your dog.

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    Re: Dog wont eat raw meat...

    It's quite natural for dogs to eat raw meat. But some may refuse it if they haven't been used to eating that before. I think the secret with changing a dog's diet is it must be done gradually. Or -as one poster suggested, leaving the food until it has been eaten. A normal healthy dog going without food for one day will not harm it at all. (Not the same with water however. Fresh water must always be available.)
    But although it won't harm the dog to eat offcuts of meat from butchering, and offal, I do not agree with letting them eat the fur. Even wolves spit this out as far as I have seen.
    Raw bones are a lot less dangerous than cooked bones. But also be careful of sharp bone splinters in the meat which might be swallowed without being chewed. They could cause serious internal injury.

    I also saw a veterinary video recently of a dangerous blockage caused by a dog eating raw Turkey necks. The bones in the necks had not been chewed properly (dogs just don't have grinding teeth!) -and the most horrendous mess was pulled out of the dog's oesophagus under general anaesthetic. If that surgery hadn't been performed, the dog would have died most horribly. There were lacerations of the oesophagus, but fortunately no rupture, which was very very lucky.
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    Re: Dog wont eat raw meat...

    Feeding your dog raw meat is a dangerous practice anyway. I wouldn't worry about it too much. What I'd recommend you to do is cook your dog a homemade dog meal with rabbit meat. I'm sure you'll be able to find plenty of recipes online.

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    Re: Dog wont eat raw meat...

    I agree with you, Edwards. Cooking also reduces the risk of worms.

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    Re: Dog wont eat raw meat...

    Is really a raw meat is good for the dog? Honestly I am not use to give my dogs a raw meat to eat. I give them a cooked food, and they love it.

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    Re: Dog wont eat raw meat...

    It’s important that you be extremely patient when making the switch. Once you’ve put the raw meal in front of your dog, walk away. Let him figure it out. Give him about 15 minutes or so. If he hasn’t eaten it yet, simply (without emotion) pick it up and put it away. Provide it again at the next meal. If your dog still refuses, continue this process until he or she caves in and decides to eat it. Don’t worry, you’re dog will not die. No dog will intentionally starve itself. When they get hungry enough, they’ll eat it. I think the longest I’ve heard of a dog refusing to eat is around ten days. Now this is the extreme and is probably not likely for most dogs. I’d guess the average to be anywhere from 1-3 days.



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