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    This is that time where you need to decide if you're willing to tough it out...or not.

    Raw feeders will tell you to offer the food. If they choose not to eat it, put it back in the fridge and offer it again at the next feeding. I know of cases where people have done this for as long as a week. No healthy dog will starve itself to death if food is offered - but they may show you a test of wills like you have never seen before.

    Like I said, this is where you have to decide how tough you are going to be. I personally am a total softie with my picky dog and he gets away with a lot more crap than he should.

    One thing you might want to try is turkey. Some dogs just plain don't like chicken. Also, you could try ground meat and see how that goes, then transition. Or, perhaps very, very lightly cook the meat and slowly cook it less and less until you get to completely raw. It's all up to you.

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    Thanks, Peter is eating raw, and he sure didn't get away with burying it! :roll: Silly dog, in fact, today I gave him half a squirrel, that I had shot and fed half of it to Laddie, my black cat, and Pete pretended he was going to actually eat it (he hates eating the whole thing fur head guts and all!), and then when I wasn't looking, he buried it!!! I dug it up and buried it, since it was going to be just a treat anyhow, and Laddie sure wasn't going to eat the whole thing!!
    Thanks again!

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    A raw food diet is not just good for you - it’s also good science! You don’t have to take our word for it, have ‘faith’ or trust the latest nutrition guru.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkcircles
    Hi why dont you cook it?
    raw diet is a natural diet which help dogs to get healthier coat, good teethes or over all a good health.

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    I also have such problems. now good enough. : D
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    Re: Dog wont eat raw meat...

    Quote Originally Posted by laddiecat
    My dog will not eat raw meat. We try to feed him rabbit, but he wont eat it, just takes it far away and burries it... How can I get him to eat raw meat???
    Dogs love meat, I think they might be not liking the way you serve them or the way you feed them. Give them blue buffalo, I am damn sure they will love it like other dogs do. My dogs were facing same problem, then I switch them to blue buffalo.
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    Re: Dog wont eat raw meat...

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    Re: Dog wont eat raw meat...

    some dogs are hard wired to not to eat raw meats like humans. So instead you may give him some treats with some really delicious treating recepies and make his day with those. I also collected more info on that and happen to land on to a blog which suggested great ideas for dog treat. You may like that and may follow it. you may read that here

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    Re: Dog wont eat raw meat...

    Some dogs are not "hard wired" to refuse raw meat. Diet is often an imprinted behaviour. I see it often in other peoples falcons...someone will feed a falcon exclusively DOC's then wonder why it wont readily accept quail, duck etc...
    Celtechfarms was bang on the money, a dog will not starve itself and will eat anything if hungry enough.
    Personally my dogs are on a raw meat diet. They get half a rabbit each every day (on the bone, with small amount of fur...the fur scours the intestine, clearing it of worms) but they always have dry food available too. Mainly because, while rabbit is good meat, it does not contain everything an animal needs. No diet should consist of only one thing.

    As for dogs being designed to skip the odd meal, this is also true. One day a week my dogs go without food, except for one egg cracked into their bowl...the egg gives their coat a wonderful shine..but thats just my preference.



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