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    Shoot, sorry I think I put the links into your other post about your dog, huh, maybe I should wake up, sorry, I did post them, I hope you got them, if not let me know and I'll repost them here.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    It is perfectly fine, I got them... And thank you very much!

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    Did your vet run a thyroid test? This is a very real possibility. Ask your vet about FIP. This is a very hard disease to diagnosis. Only way is through a biopsy. Ask your vet to put him on a high calorie diet.Also chech the internet for info. Type in feline - thin. You could try Cornell, Morris animal foundation, and the Veterinary medical information web pages.

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    I have two cats, and while one of them are at a healthy weight, my one cat is very skinny. All of her bones you can easily feel, although not see through her long fur (she is a ragdoll). All of my cats are on the same eating schedual, with IAMS original food left in a bowl in the kitchen all day long.
    Any suggestions on how to get her to eat?

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    Re: My cat is too skinny!

    It could be due to her eating and then going and being sick outside unless she is a house cat.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas

    Beth :)

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    Re: My cat is too skinny!

    Feed good healthy and quality dry food to your cat. Skinny cat gives 1-2 canned food in a day . you should concern with your vet for her health.

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    Re: My cat is too skinny!

    She may have worms or just be leaner in general...



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