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Thread: Animal Show!

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    Animal Show!

    For all the pet lovers of Los Angeles:

    Emmy Award-winning television production company is currently casting pet owners for a new interior design show that provides functional and aesthetic home improvement solutions for all the unavoidable problems that come standard with sharing a home with animals.

    We're looking for people with pets of all kinds -- from dogs, to cats, to pigs, to ponies -- that have fascinating, unique, pet-related home improvement crises that only a true expert could resolve. Whether it's sheerly stylistic or absolutely essential, the show provides innovative, practical, and appealing home design solutions to the many problems related to owning a pet and maintaining a beautiful living space.

    If you think your home needs a pet-centric upgrade (or you know someone who does), please email your story to


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    I think it is great that our pets are given this kind of event where they can also enjoy.
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    I like funny animal shows......

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    Our understanding should be the appropriate place for live animals because animals find a nice place to live Let your grasp. As far as pet animals for pets we should arrange them good places to live.
    Horse Hoof Care

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    I first took note of this phenomena a few years ago. Around fall, it’s like all of the sudden the squirrels somehow get a lot dumber and practically throw themselves under cars. This year it seemed to have started even earlier.
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    This would be a big and great event.. Since the Emmy Award winning television will be the one conducting it..
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    I like cheetahs. They are fast and just always enjoyed the speed they can exceed to.
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    It would be great if everyone who signs could also forward it to their friends and family; I currently have over a thousand signatures, but please help me to reach 10,000.
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    Animal Planet online lets you explore cat breeds, dog breeds, wild animals and pets. Plus exclusive animal news, videos and info about your favorite TV shows.
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