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    Wow! Nice family you have there!! An exciting one to! I love German Shepherds and Rotties.

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    I have no pets but I am thinking to get the one puppy.
    Thank you, for aware me for that.

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    I would say welcome to the forum, LoveAnimals, but it's a bit late for that, isn't it? xD

    Anyways- I have a cat, three rabbits, and a hamster. Also, I used to have another hamster, but he's passed away. ):

    I'm not sure what breed my cat is, he was a stray, but he's colored black and white. He's two years old, and VERY spoiled. xD [Sunshine <3]

    Two of the rabbits are half-dwarf half-something else, and the other is a full dwarf. One is almost fully black, the other is black with a stripe on her back, and the other is white with gray ears and nose, and red eyes. =O And, they are ALL girls. (: [Velour, Stripes and Puff <3]

    As for my hamster they are[or were] both golden hamsters, the deceased one being a male, and my recent one being a female. The old one was light brown and white, so very adorable. This one is a darker brown, and has some white also. [Butterscotch and Smores <3]

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    Pets we oen

    We owned a Pembroke Welsh Corgi for a few years before losing him to never be found again. We currently own a "mut" cat that was given to us. She has been amazing with our children for the last 3 years and we expect she will stay at least another 10 years. I know she's not a Persian Cat because she looks nothing like the cat below.

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    I got 4 dogs, Toby is a Labrador retriever, Chocolate and Sunshine's a Labrador, Jojie a German Shepherd Mix.

    I also got a iguana named Iggy and a snake named Prince Tiny.
    Before, I used to have rabbits and rats but my mother disapproved of them.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    Pets owned

    I own two dogs. One is about 10 years, grey. It's a female dog. Another one is about 4 years, white with mark on his body.
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    Welcome to the forum
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    I have a yorkshire terrier, three cats and an african grey parrot, my house is quite busy :lol:
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    Current animals


    We've got quite a few animals - currently 2 lhasa apso's aged 11 and 14, a tabby aged 10, 2 gerbils, a parakeet parrot, around 20 koi carp, budgies, 4 chickens and 2 bantams (I think that's the lot :)



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