Anyone ever head of it in dogs. Went on IVIS but it dosen't seem to exist. My sister's dog has been diagnosed with it I'd like to know more, she's in such horrible shape and so far nothing they have done has been able to help her. She looks almost like she has some form of mange, she stinks to the high heavens and has almost no coat left from her hips back, not to mention a sore on her ear, the back of her head and on her paws where she wont stop chewing. We just changed her diet to a better dog food, any thoughts from any one? Even of something to keep the irritation down or a natural way of keeping biting bugs away? She smells like death, seriously, I don't even want to see anything chemical put on her, they have been bathing her every two weeks to try and help it as per the vets instructions, but even that dosen't sit well with me.

The members doing rescue, any thoughts? I might be able to get pictures later on, a lot of this is on my own as my sister and brother in law have all but given up, their talking putting her down now, so I'm trying to give a couple suggestions to help that might save her life, starting with the new food, we switched her from Dog Chow to Cainid (sp) in hopes that the better food would make some difference. Anyway, enough rambling, hope you guys have a few suggestions, thanks.