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    my kittys keeps popping / snapping her jaw

    hello....wondering if anyone elses kitty has ever done this...
    my putt putt kitty is about 9 years old and she has recently started popping and or snapping her jaw....its not all the time but its mostly after she yawns or talks or eats....when shes sleeping shes not doing seems to be concentrated on her left side and she seems to be doing something weird with her tongue....ive got a vet appt on friday but im trying to be prepared for possibilities...thank you sooooo much

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    Wish I could help but unfortunatly I have never heard of this issue. Its good your getting her to the vet though, a developed behaviour at nine years old should definatly be looked at.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    my 3 year old cat is having a similar issue. i took him to the vet a few months ago and they gave me an anti-inflammatory medication and suggested that it could be a tooth issue. after more than a month, he is still frequently popping his jaw...but he seems to be eating on a regular schedule, etc. to have the tooth extracted, it would cost upward of $200 so I am trying to avoid that...but I am unsure whether or not he is in pain. he doesn't appear to be.

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    My cat has begun to snap his jaw and do funny things with his tongue, he attacks his mouth with his paws, so I know what ever is in his mouth is irritating him. He eats and sleeps well, but from time to time, starts snapping his jaw. Hutspa, did you find out if it was a bad tooth? :(



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