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    Horse brushing his Teeth !

    Horse brushing his Teeth !

    Footage Never Seen before…. Usually, they don’t do that in front of camera !

    To watch with sound !

    Have a nice day.


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    LOL... thats kinds gross... :lol:

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    :lol: I think that's funny. Never thought that it's that gross to see such in a video even in person. Lol

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    I love to watch this video....

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    The horse's teeth are very big. So it would require a full tube to brush them.
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    A woman was sleeping in her bed when her husband crashing through the front door at 3 am waked her up. He staggered and tried to get up the stairs, " what are you doing" she shouted, the husband replies " I’m trying to get a gallon of beer up the stairs" "leave it down there" she bellowed "I cant" he replied " I’ve drunk it".
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    awesome post thanks for sharing :)

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