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Good day to all,

I would like to report an inconsiderate and cruel act that is currently creating an uproar and unrest within the animal loving community in Singapore.

i am sure by now, almost everyone in the world knows about the outbreak of SARS and how severe the situation is in the Asia region. However, as the World Health Organization (WHO) pointed out recently, there is no evidence that strays could spread SARS. Despite such notions from the international health experts, our government are still advocating tougher preventive measures. While there is no doubt that some of the efforts were aimed for a good cause, the mass culling of strays was not. To many of us, it is a direct violation of animal rights, especially when the accusation of them being SARS carrier is baseless. In just over a few days, several hundreds of animals have been rounded up and many were put down.

In addition, such public condemnation of strays by the government has also created a mass panic among the ignorant public. As I am typing this, more pets are being abandoned as strays.

To put an end to this, we have enlisted the support from our local animal rights activist groups (namely the SPCA, Cat Welfare Society and the Dog Welfare Groups) to appeal against such injustice. However, to date, all our negotiation with the ministers and the government officials have failed miserably.

Thus, in hoping to prevent further escalation of this massive and senseless killing, I am appealing you, on behalf of all animal loving people in Singapore, to exact some form of international pressure on our government. I am hopeful that with the intensified worldwide criticisms against this form of cruelty, the culling would eventually stop.

Strays have been living with us since the birth of this small nation and they deserve a chance to live. After all, it is the irresponsibility of our human kind that resulted them being strays.

Best regards,

a unfortunate citizen living in a pragmatic and draconian country.

IMPORTAN T: please support our petition against the culling:

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