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    Bit by dog whose tags expired

    End of Dec, 2007 I was bit by a neighbor's rotweiller mix. The owner says he can't find the up to date rabies vac paperwork. On line it shows the dog's tag expired Nov, 2006. Should I assume the dog is not protected and act accordingly?

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    It would really depend on the dog and how many vaccines it's had in its lifetime. My dog's tag expired in October of 2007, however, she received the shot in Nov 2006 and it was a 3 year vaccine. But this state requires it yearly. And, according to her most recent titter test, she's immune to rabies without the vaccine anyway.

    What you should have done was called your local animal control. They would have sent an officer out and given the man two options--he could surrender the dog (and it would have been humanely euthenized and the head sent off for rabies testing) or he could have taken the dog to the vet and had it quarantined for 10 days so a vet could monitor it for symptoms of the disease.

    For the dog to have rabies, the most common way of getting it is by having been bitten by another animal (usually wild) that was already infected. Usually it's foxes, coyotes or raccoons. If you live i the center of town where wild animals don't frequent than there's little to worry about.

    You could bring your concern up with your neighbor. Ask him if the dog has been bitten by any other animal in the last week (although rabies is a very fast moving disease and would have killed the dog within 3 days). If it had rabies and passed it on to you you wouldn't have rang in the new year either as it would have killed you within a few days as well.

    I'm sorry you got bit by the dog but rest assured in my honest professional opinion you have nothing to worry about as far as being infected by rabies.

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    Vaccines last a LOT longer than what most people think. I only give a rabies vaccine after 1 year of age and then every year I have a Titer test done at the vet to test levels of immunity.

    My Blue had a 4 year gap in his rabies vaccine and still titer tested with full immunity just as if he had been vaccinated yearly. Only reason I even got another rabies vaccine is because I needed to board him and it had to be UTD.

    I'd be willing to bet that you won't have rabies form this dog bite ;)
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    If the dog has been taken care since birth then rabies won't be a problem. Street dogs are the ones that are prone to rabies.
    - Natalie and my precious Queensland Heeler



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