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    Working with undesirable behaviours

    Hello there, working to reinforce good behaviours is nice and "easy". My almost 7 weeks old German Shepherd puppy already sits, come, look at my eyes and "give me" things he has in his mouth.

    But I'm struggling in the part about desincouraging bad behaviours: trying to bite my legs as I walk, playing with no desirable objects, pulling the laces of my shoes, biting my hands when we play and so on.

    I don't hit him in any way, but is it admisible to push him away? How can I show him that playing with a toy is good but with my hand isn't?

    I've already tried ignoring him and walking away but... he doesn't ignore me all the times (LOL). Sometimes he walks behind me and between my legs and continue playing.

    Should I be tolerant while he's a little older (In other words, is he just being a puppy)? Or must I correct him from now?

    Thanks a lot!

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    He is just a puppy right now, and as such he dosen't know any better, check your other post for a few suggestions. Baby proofing your home is a must with a puppy, and so is having a create for when your out of sight of puppy and can't control what he's into. Dogs should be created when your out of the home until they are approximately 2 years old and know what is and is not desirable. When you catch puppy chewing a shoe simply say 'no' take it away and offer him something he can have and praise him when he chews it. Make sure you have lots he is allowed to chew on, as he will be teething soon, losing baby teeth and growing adult ines. Pushing away is perfectly acceptable, your not harming your dog that way. When telling him no, growl the word, a low long rumbling no, it'll help the understanding better. So when he nips your fingers , give his muzzle a little squeeze and growl, "no". Hope that helps a little, as stated before theres more suggestions in your other post, and welcome to the forum!
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