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    Good bye to my sweet baby Chloe....

    I am so sorry I have been absent.

    Things have taken a horrible turn for me and my family.

    Many remeber my post about my new addition "Chloe". Well...past few weeks she has shown severe weakness in the rear, tremors and here recently loss of bowel control.

    We took her in for x-rays or her hips and the news was beyond heartbreaking. Chloe has severe hip dysplasia at the age of 18 weeks. :cry: So severe in fact that the "cup" of the join never even formed and she isn't a candidate for surgery. She has been on rimadyl to manage pain but it doesn't help her mobility.

    The tremors were due to Wobblers...

    We tried to hang onto her for as long as possible but she got that "look" in er eyes two days ago and lost interest in doing anything really as everything hurt her. If she stood up and had one of her tremors it would cause her to fall and hurt her already extremly painful hips....

    This morning at 8:11 AM Chloe crossed the bridge with her head in my lap. I know now she isn't hurting, but I can't even describe the pain I feel....she was just a baby!! Tomorrow would mark the day she turns 21 weeks old..

    RIP sweet Chloe, may you run pain free with my baby boy Blue... You will be severely missed, but never, ever forgotten.

    I'll try to attach a picture of her hip x-ray..took it with my digital so the quality sucks...
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    I thought I would add this too as it is my favorite picture of her..

    This was taken when my husband first rescued her from the scum who had her and didnt appreciate what they had...She was almost 5 weeks old here and soo precious.
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    I am so sorry for your loss, I know the pain of losing one so young, its absolutly devestating. My thoughts are with you in this terrible time. If you need anything just ask.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    I'm very sorry to hear that. I don't think she would have wanted to go any other way than being close to you, comforting her. I wish there was more I could say. I hope you will be alright.

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    Oh my god, what an adorable pic! I have a Chloe too, she's a pitt, 5 years old, and just diagnosed with cancer. Your Chloe is white with black and mine is white with brown, almost identical. We also rescued her from an inner city neglective home. I am so heart broken. I don't know what I'll do when my Chloe's time comes, but your post definately made be whimper behind my desk at work. I am truley feeling our loss.

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    Hey CountryChic. Belated Condolences for the loss of lil Chloe. She got to spend most of her short life in the best possible home.

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    So sorry to hear that. :cry: But atlast, your Chloe had finally rested and do not feel any pain now. How adorable your Chloe is in this photo!!! I know how you feel cuz I have lost my Mighty too (pitbull) someone poisoned him. I know you can move forward...

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    I feel so sorry for your loss and I know its difficult time for you. Its very hard to forget your pet. I know you loved her and miss her. But death is reality of life and its all in Gods hand. Be strong and think your future life.
    May God Bless you.



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