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    Airline Pet Travel

    This Christmas will be the first time we have traveled with our dog and it will be a long DC to Seattle flight. She is a toy poodle only 5 months old but certainly potty trained. She will be flying under the seat on our plane rather than in the cargo area. We did get a tranquilizer from the vet, which i am doing a trial run dosage tomorrow to see how she responds, as we thought that might make her more mellow and it also has an anti nausea med it in as well which cant hurt.

    Any suggestions for what to do during the 1.5 hour layover? Anyone have luck getting them to go potty on a training pad in, say a handicapped restroom stall? Or should I just lay something on the bottom of her bag and switch it out during the layover just assuming she wont be able to hold it forever and a piddle incident may happen.

    I appreciate the feedback as we try and make this first flying experience a pleasant one for all.

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    If you can't take her out to relieve herself I would definatly just lay one out and change it during the lay over. Its suggested not to tranq. your dog during flights as its a scary enough time as it is. But if your doing the trial run it might help. Good luck with the trip! :)
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    How did the trip go?
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