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    Redmange in cats-please help!

    I have 6 cats altogether but only2 have mange.I just started using Nustock sulfur cream2days ago but my male has licked off all the medicine. :( I tried to put babyclothes on them to keep them from licking it off :lol: but the clothes didnt stay on them :cry: The female still has most of her medicine on&you are supposed to replace every 3 days.Does that mean to wash off the old :?: If anybody has any suggestions on how to get rid of redmange&how to keep them from licking it off please tell me :wink: The redmange is all over them&although not completely bald Im afraid they will die&I cant afford a vet :(

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    You're better off using Frontline or Revolution to treat the mange. Frontline can be purchased without a prescription at or at

    The instructions to treat mange using these products are on the package.

    And you should treat all six of your cats, not just two. It is such a highly contagious disease so if one has it, assume all of them do (even though some do not show symptoms yet).

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    cannot afford Frontline

    I am on SSI a very limited income&obviously a big cat lover but if I bought frontline I couldnt afford to pay my bills so if anyone knows of any home remedies please tell me.For red mange.Theres no syptoms at all of redmange with my other4cats.

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    If you call your local vet and tell him or her that 2 of your 6 cats have mange, he or she will tell you to treat every single one of them. Demodectic mange is VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY contagious. Like it or not, if one has it, all of them have it EVEN IF SOME DO NOT SHOW SYMPTOMS. Works just like fleas--where there's one, there are hundreds more.

    Also be aware that most "home remedies" are considered animal cruelty and you could face charges with your local police department/animal services for using them.

    Nustock does work great for curing many skin diseases, however, it won't be quite as efficient with cats because they normally clean themselves. They do not like to be dirty and aren't capable of understanding this cream is there to help them and will clean it off of themselves. Nustock is also very dangerous to ingest and could cause massive internal health problems to the animal.

    Frontline is the best way to cure this. One tube on each cat once and the mites will be destroyed. The mites also live in your carpet, mattresses, blankets, cloth-toys and so on and so forth. The Nustock (or any other "home remedy") will only kill the mites on the animal. None will kill the ones living in the surrounding area. So, the animal will only continue to get reinfested with the mites until you kill the ones in the household. Frontline will not only kill the mites on the animal but also the ones in the surrounding area.

    I understand that you love your animals dearly but please consider doing what's right--either find a way to treat them properly or take them to a local humane society where they can get the treatment they need. You can also call and ask if they can offer you any assistance....we always have dozens of boxes of Frontline donated so will often spare some to people who call us with the same problem you are having. Consider calling and asking--they will either help, direct you to someone who can or say they can't help and in that case you won't be anywhere you aren't now.

    I'm sorry things are so rough and I hope you can get it figured out as soon as possible. Good luck!

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    Sometimes vets can be understanding like doctors. If you explain the situation and your financial troubles, they may be willing to work out a payment plan with you so you don't have to pay up front.

    Alongside with DogMom's suggestion of the Humane Society, the only other suggestion I can make is if you can find a place to take out a loan, you can get your pets checked and treated, then worry about the money after. Otherwise, your pets could suffer for longer than necessary. And honestly, it'd be easier just to give them up at that point.



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