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    I have heard of these dog collars with a device on them that spray air into the dogs face everytime the dog barks you can also get these with a remote that you can control yourself i found these at

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    I wonder what's the tactics of training a dog to bark when you ask him to!
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    I am not sure about shock collars. my advise is to better give training using a good dog trainer. it is not necessary you should give full traning just say to him in what issues u want to train your dog he will do it.

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    Hello !

    A dog who is left alone all day is likely to take up barking as a hobby because

    no one is there to control him.So you can train your dog to stop barking.To

    know more details about stop dog barking , you should checkout this link.It

    might be very useful for you.
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    Ive used the collars before (spray ones)...great whilst the dog is wearing it but the moment he realises he hasnt got it on...the barking starts again...I dont think its a proper solution

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    it seems to me that sometimes the best way to train your dog is the easiest. my dog only barks when she thinks something is wronge in fact me teaching her to only bark at trouble has saved my life before, when someone broke into my home one night i would have never known they were there if not for her growling at my bedroom door.

    its very easy. when your dog barks yell her name for example my dog: "DIXIE" if she does not stop after one yell pop her butt and this time yell not as loud but just as firmly "DIXIE" that is how i trained my dog but i am trying something new with my new puppy rusty that seems to work great as well when he barks i use my clicker twice and he will stop. these arent very scientific training ideas but they work on my dogs and theyre simple without having to spend money on some expensive collar. i hope this helps. a dogsbark is a alarm system and it is very efficent unless it goes off for no reason.



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