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    I'm back...and I have new critters! LOTS OF PICS!! some of y'all may or may not have noticed I have been MIA lately, so I'll fess up to what I've been up to :)

    First I have new additons....two ex-racer Arab geldings and a new Great Dane baby!!

    The Great Dane baby is Chloe and she is an over marked Mantle. She was a very unplanned puppy but I had to take her. A co-worker of DH got her at a flea market...then of course the puppy pottied in the floor and cried at night so they were gonna dump her at the shelter :( :evil:

    But get this....she was only 5 weeks old when I got her!!! Way too young to be away from mom yet...either way, she's adjusting fine and is about 10-11 weeks old now (gotta check the date to be sure on that)

    She's a bit small for a Dane IMO, but then again I have a giant who stands at 39" tall lol and I have a hard time remembering that these BYBers out there often produce these "mirco-mini Danes" as I call them. I can tell she's got potentil to have decent size but I doubt she'll hit my height preferance in Danes...but that's just fine...we'll love her regardless as she has already stolen our hearts :)

    Anywho...I have to resize the pics and when I do I'll come and post some for y'all :)
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

  2. #2's the pictures!!
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    I'm not done yet....LOL
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    Still more...y'all tired of puppy pics yet? lol
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    Guess while I'm being picture happy here are my two other additon..

    Dusty is the bay, standing at 15.1 hh & Tye is the grey standing at about 14.9 hh :) Both are ex-racers..Dusty came with a injured leg so he is on the mend, but Tye I have been working some and other than a few hissy fits he's a dream under saddle, just a bit spirited. :)

    Due to Dusty's injury we are waiting for the all clear from the vet before I start any real work with him, but he has improved sooo much. Hes gonna be a handful though....he hasn't had a saddle on him since his last time on the race track...which was almost 5 years ago!! Before we brought them out Tye hadn't been worked or rode in a lil' over a year so at least he wasn't too bad :)

    Okay.....I swear I am done with pics :) lol
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    She is SOOO adorable!!!!

    I'm curious--how can you tell the difference between a great dane puppy, a weim puppy and a lab?? We have a couple pups at the shelter right now that are so adorable. One is the black and white--EXACTLY like your new Chloe and the other three are the chocolate color. I was looking at one of the chocolate ones, who is about three times the size of the rest of the litter (seriously, he doesn't look like he belongs in there). And his ears are droopy. Anyway. My boss says it's a chocolate lab and hound mix (cause of color and ears) but I swear it's a Weim puppy. Just the shape of his body, his ears and his nose he just looks like a Weim to me. And the black and white one has to be a Dane. She has that typical Dane shaped face and she's about twice the size of the rest of the litter. But, again, boss is calling it a lab mix.

    Anyway......I know pups are hard to determine breed but are there any special markings or shapes or anything that you can distinguish for each breed?? It's not really a big deal--I just hate the thought of adopting out a chocolate lab puppy only to find a year or so later the owners return a great dane.

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    OHMYGOSH! That puppy is SO CUTE! I want her! XD

    And those horses are really beautiful! When you said two ex-racers, I thought you meant dogs... O_o... XD

  8. #8 ex-race dogs here :) All mine are couch potatoes.

    As far as decideing if it's a Dane pup....The legs & feet usually give them away when compared to other puppies. Especially when they get to about 10-12 weeks.....their legs seem to grow over night. lol

    Though with Chloe she was small...the only reason I knew for certain what she was when she came home was because the previous owners had APRI papers on her stating she was Great Dane....even after that I was a lil'skeptical but now that she's been wormed, isn't covered in muck and fleas and is growing I can definately see the Dane. :) And when your world pretty much revoles around Great Danes like mine does you get to where you can just look at a bunch of puppies and know whether or not they are baby Dunno how to explain it other than that.

    Now as far as the chocolate is VERY rare to get a chocolate colored takes a very odd genectic combination to get a true chocolate, so that one may be a mix...who knows really.

    Are the Chocolate puppies and the mantle puppy in the same litter?? If so I would feel very comfortable saying that if they were Dane they were only part Dane....Mantle is in the harl genetics family and harl colors can't throw anything like a chocolate...even mixing it with a fawn or brindle wouldn't get you a chocolate Dane. No clue on the weimy though....I know Weim babies at about 5-6 weeks old are often mistaken for really young blue Great Dane pups though.

    Whatever they are, I'm sure they are adorable...I just hope they get nice homes soon :)
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    Precious lookin pup. Nothing is cuter than a pup trying to instigate play with an adult dog.

    Pretty horses, too. No wonder you have been so busy.

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    Welcome back, nothing like extending the family, lol, what a cutie. I did notice you missing, glad to know it was for a good reason this time, instead of a sad one.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.



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