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    What animal are you?

    What animal are you
    I'm an Hyena :(

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    Oh how silly!
    That totally cracked me up!

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    I took the test and found out I am a fox!!! Would be fun to find out what animals other people I know are.

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    took the test

    i'm a monkey,yeeehaaa love monkeys

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    Im a tiger! :D
    ChArLiE aNd ZoEy LoVe YoU!

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    I'm a chicken and hubbby is a cow! :lol:

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    I wonder what determines the animal for any given name.

    I'm a snake, which oddly enough, is my animal sign according to Chinese astrology.

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    I am a bear
    :D meg :D
    Yorkshier terrier = 11 years old
    Airdale terrier = 2 years old
    Soon to be horse owner

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    I am a Tiger, hubby is a Shark, daughter is a sheep, and my son is a horse! What a combination.
    Shylah PWC (I am the queesn)
    Lucas PWC (Arrrroooooooo)
    Bixler and Gabby (The Kitties two)
    ***I also have human babies that are running around here too***



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