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Thread: Need help...

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    Need help...

    There has been a lot going on lately in my life. One thing that has come up has been that I have had to return back to Wisconsin from Texas and, at this time, I am unable to return. My cat has not come back with me, because I wasn't notified of my inability to return until after I had already been in Wisconsin for a few weeks. The family I was living with is having some problems, and one member is in the hospital. The rest of the family members I was living with at the house are all at the hospital, which is in a different city from their house.

    My cat is not being fed.

    The family will not speak directly to me. In fact, the only time I have heard from them was about the family member's hospitalization, two days AFTER he was hospitalized, and this person is a very good friend of mine. The only reason they may have called was because he ASKED that they do so. Had he not, I may not have ever known at all what happened. And even then I was never told- my mother was told and she relayed the message to me. I was never asked to be spoken to.

    My cat has been alone for over four days now, and to my knowledge, they have not been at the house and he may be inside the house or he may be outside the house. I would feel a little better if I knew he was outside because at least I'd know he could hunt for himself- but I fear he may be inside.

    I'm completely helpless here. I need help. What if he starves to death? What can I do? Is it my fault? I'm crying right now because he may die because people are being so selfish right now and I have been cut out of the family's lives and cannot do a thing about it. I was supposed to return this Saturday, but they will not let me, and therefore I can neither help my cat nor my friend in the hospital. Is there anything I can do? If he dies, is there any way I can get justice? I wish they would have told me BEFORE I left that they didn't want me back- at least then I could have taken KC back home with me. I have no doubts that because of their intervention, this is the reason my friend is in the hospital- neither he nor I wanted this to happen, yet they had planned to kick me out MONTHS before, yet never spoke to me about it.

    I'm so scared for KC... I'm not sure I could handle him dying, moreover if I know he died because of neglect.

    I need advice. I'm about to just lose my mind right now.

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    This really sucks. Even if they you cannot go back, they should have compassion for you and your innocent kitty.

    Here is what I would try. Call the local sheriff(or whoever you think may help). Explain the situation. Ask that he/she go to the address, look for the cat...maybe take it to the local animal shelter. Then maybe you could contact the shelter and make some kind of arrangement for kitties care or transportation to you. I know this does not sound like the job description for a sheriff, but if they have the time and inclination, they can do it.

    I know there may be flaws in this plan, but it is a place to start. If I were in your situation, I might also try the local fire department in the kitties neighborhood. Sometimes people can be very helpful. If they have issues with the fact that the home belongs to someone besides you, then maybe go directly to the Humane Society or a local SPCA.

    If there was a neighbor that you could contact regarding this, who would go over and get the cat for you, I'm guessing you already tried that. How about your Mom? They contacted her about your friends' illness, maybe they would work through her?

    Good luck. I hope something works out. Let us know.

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    I agree, the local law and animal enforcments as well as a neighbor would be my first tries, but I would start with the neighbor, maybe they can get the kitty for you and arrange some sort of transport to get him to you.
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    Well, I am crying tears of relief and joy and sadness at the time here. KC has been fed since Saturday because it was one of the last things my friend asked his family to do for him before surgery.

    I feel I actually got through to someone for once. For once, someone out there who was raised in such a careless community understood me and my compassion of animals and the importance of them.

    I will never understand the rest of his family, though. Despite someone's financial troubles or family burdens, how can they simply leave an animal to die? I hated that they accused me of being self-centered because I kept pushing towards my cat's care, saying that I wasn't giving consideration to my friend. I guess a battle like that is just too hard to fight. I know in my heart the truth was that it is they who were selfish, not me.

    I'm just so grateful, I feel I can just finally sleep now.

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    I am sorry to hear how this went with these folks. But really glad the kitty is being fed.

    It is easy to see why you considered this man, who thought of you and your kitty, a friend. You and he are still connected in spite of everything that has transpired. Hugs to ya. You know how to pick a friend.

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    Cheer up, guys, everything will become better.

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