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    My cat chokes alot lately...

    Lately, my cat has been coughing a lot. He just stops about 20 times a day to cough... Anybody know what's wrong? We thought it might be hair balls, but the medicine didn't work, and he's never coughed up any hair balls... Could he like, have the flu or something?


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    He could have worms or heart worms.......those are common symptoms of both. Has he been dewormed lately?

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    I think we dewormed him a a month or two ago... And wouldn't we find worms?

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    Only 30% of fecal tests are positive for worms; even if the animal has them. Some worms are not visible to the human eye either. And even though you dewormed him a month or two ago, he may have gotten them sometime between then and now. Is he strictly indoors or does he go outside on occasion?

    Have you had him tested for heartworms?? Heart worms live in the heart and spread to the lungs. These would not be visible. He'd need a blood test to determine diagnosis.

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    Thanks, but I brought him to the vet today, and turns out he had asthma. So he should feel better soon.

    And he does occasionally go outside, but it's only on the front step, and for like a minute. But the vet said there wasn't anything wrong with his heart, it was his lungs, so it's not heartworms for sure.



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