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Thread: Please Read!!!!

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    Please Read!!!!

    :!: We have just Rescue these 4 puppies from the side of the road.. This is how we came about to get these pups.. I have friend that Breeds small dogs.. Well, their friend call them to let them know that there was Rottweiler Pups running the road. Some of their siblings had been hit by cars..With no experience that my friend had with them she called me.. I went out to get them.. I stop at a house and knock on the door and ask if these were their pups and they said no but they belong to the people right across the road.. So, that lady call and said there were some people who wanted these pups and the Owner of the pups told them to take the pups. So I loaded them up and now we have them.. They are way under fed and dehydrated, wormy, loss of hair and 1 is very aggressive.. We will work with him with everything we have.. We will post pictures of them tomorrow but I want you to know they look really bad and with sores.. We are calling our vet tomorrow.. These pups with be evalated and Health Screened by our Vet before we let them go to new home.. One pup looks like a Lab (Male), 2 Pup looks like Shepherd/Rott(Female)the last 2 look like Rotts but longer snouts(Male/Female) The male is the aggressive one. Pup's Mom is Rott/Lad mixed. Puppies are about 2 months to 2 and ahalf months old.

    Will keep everyone posted on these pups...

    It will be awhile before these pups will be up for adoption.. We are going to make sure that they will have all shots and have all nessary needs meet before they go to new homes..

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    Thank goodness you came along.
    How very awful that people could do such a thing.
    You should consider calling the SPCA and having cruelty charges brought against those people!!
    Please keep us posted!

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    Thank goodness for people like you trottrott, those people need to be punished (or blindfolded and let loose on the highway) its just criminal and makes me so angry
    Keep us updated on there progress.

    God it angers me so,
    Anne UK



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