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Thread: Biting Issues

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    Biting Issues

    Lately, my cat has been very aggressive towards me. I’ve read sites on biting problems, but none seem to be giving me good advice how to stop it, as this isn’t the normal biting from being pet too long or “play” bites. I’m going to give a couple scenarios on when and how it’s been happening.

    Scenario 1: I’m sitting at the computer (usually in late morning-afternoon) and he’s pretty guaranteed to come in my lap and just chill out for a while. I usually pet him for as long as I can before my arm gets tired, or he falls asleep. About half of the time, however, if I stop petting him for too long and either type or just relax my arm, he’ll start nudging it and eventually bite it. These bites don’t break the skin, but they’re still rather annoying.

    Scenario 2: My friend and I will be sitting on a chair, the bed, or the floor, and KC will come over to us, either nudging our hands or brushing under them. We’ll pet him. He shows absolutely no signs of aggressiveness or agitation- His tail is high and usually swinging like it does when we greet him, his ears are perked and normal. After a manner of seconds, he will clasp around our hands and bite as hard as he seemingly can. This almost always breaks the skin and leaves one of us bleeding. I never know when he’s going to do this, and I can never see any signs of him being “agitated” with our petting. Even then, is it normal for a cat to bite and scratch so hard?

    Scenario 3: The “play” bites and pouncing. I’ve done my very best to ignore him when he pounces our feet or our hands, but it’s far easier said than done. Reacting, as I read, gives him what he wants because it shows him a reaction. Not reacting, however, still gives him what he wants- As I see it, anyway. He won’t stop biting if I don’t move. Instead, he’ll proceed to kick and bite harder. This can go on for a few moments, even, if I don’t push him off or find something to distract him with. Long ago, I got some advice to wear boots- I have doubled up on socks and my friend and I often wear shoes, but we find ourselves being pounced when we’re just sitting, and often times have taken our shoes off.

    I feel like I’m trying to live with a tiger, as I’ve never met a cat that bites other people for the sake of it. Most cats I’ve dealt with only bit when provoked, but KC bites not only us, but guests, when we are not interacting with him- and these bites hurt. He is only about 2 ½ years old, and he went to the vet a couple of weeks ago and everything was fine. He has plenty of toys to play with, and I usually let him outside during the day.

    I need some suggestions. Are these kinds of behaviors normal, punishable and/or changeable? What are the reasons he does this and how can I make him more pleasant? If I am doing something wrong, how can I make our relationship a friendship and not enemies?

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    I've owned a cat like this when I was younger, but my brother use to play fight with it. My two best suggestions would be carry a squirt bottle. When he bites you, squirt him witha sharp 'no'. We did this with Dakota as a pup when he just wouldn't stop howling night after night, even after he had been with us a month. Now all we need do is make a 'spitz' sound through our teeth and he turns and runs. The other ould be to fill a tin can with rice or beads, something that makes a loud startling noise and when he attacks shake it hard and quick and tell him 'no' firmly. He hould spook enough to stop the attack and hopefully move away.

    The light bite at the computer seems to be a way to get what he wants. At that point, I would simply tell him no and put him on the floor. Good luck.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    My daughter's cat does that too. She'll just be sitting there petting her and then BAMB the cat starts nipping. She hasn't done it in awhile. We would just pet her and when it happened, get up and go away and say we weren't going to play or pet if she was gonna bite (like she understood). lol

    Anyway. I was given the same squirt bottle advice. Might be worth giving it a try.

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    Alright. Thank you for the advice. :)



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