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    should i complain

    recently my young cat gave birth to four adorable little kittens.however the first one now named Lucky was a breech birth and came out tail first and one leg was stuck. after having all the kittens we noticed that the first kittens leg looked dislocated/deformed. the next day we made a appointment at our vet to have it seen to. the vet looked and said the knee was the wrong way round and we should have her put down as it wouldn't be anything they could do. she made us very upset and we decided we couldnt put her down. she made us think we were doing the wrong thing.
    two days later i checked the kittens and Luckys leg was fine. just like anyother.
    i am really angry with the vet because if we had gone with her Lucky would be dead for no reson.
    i feel i should complain but im not sure .
    Do you think i should complain???

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    I would consider taking the kitten to another vet for a second opinion. This is not one of those things that just corrects itself and the poor kitten could grow to lead a very miserable life. Have it double checked by another vet and see what his/her opinion is first.



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