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    The one that made me a crazy people is "fish can cough"..
    And how can they do that? cough in water..
    Ahhh! my mind is getting tangled!

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    # Every single swan in England is the property of the Queen.
    # Although they are called as the Anteaters, these animals prefer eating termites over ants.
    # A lion living in the wild will be able to make no more than 20 successful kills in a year.
    # The Chow is the only dog that does not have a pink colored tongue.
    # Deers do not have gallbladders.

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    Kangaroo facts

    You have asked to explain about animal facts. I know many animal facts such as cat facts, dog facts, kangaroo facts, snake facts, cow facts and other animal facts. Which type of animal facts you want to know?

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    The eyesight of dogs are better than that of human beings. No wonder most of the dogs are trained to become guard dogs and they are a great companion too! That is a bonus already :D
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