some people told me they want to see pictures of my animals and I couldn´t find a better place where I can show them.

Here are my pets and I want to tell you a little short story about some of my pets.

Elliot the little rat

Elliot is my little husky rat and he is a wonderful character who loves kisses and huges of me... he is very friendly more friendly than other rats... if I speak in other schools in front of the children about handling pets right... I always have Elliot on my shoulder and he stays there. After I had spoken in front of the kids, they are allowed to touch Elliot and the other pets. Elliot is really friendly to the kids and some of the kids are allowed then to let Elliot sit on their arms or shoulders. Elliot is a wonderful therapeut for children which scare about rats. He helped some children to forget their scare and did his job really good. He is the first rat I had who could do a job like that.

Paul is one of my two dogs and he also does a job like Elliot.
All my animals come with me if i speak in front of kids.

Now look at the pictures and ask if you want to know anthing.....

LG, Susi