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    The American Indian Dog...


    bevore a little while I found in the internet some informations about the American Indian Dog... where he comes from, who bred it, how he looks and a little bit about his charakter. I want to adopt sometimes in future a dog who looks like a wolf... but it shouldn´t be a wolf-hybrid. This hybrids should be aggressiv animals and only experts are able to handle them. So the American Indian Dog would be the perfect dog for me because I want a dog which I can handle and he should be a good tempered friend.

    In the internet i found only three our four sides about the American Indian Dog so I wanted to ask here if somebody knows this dogs and what do you think about this dogs?

    I think the dogs at the HPs are very fascinating and wonderful animals.... but are they the same friendly and good tempered how the homepages said?

    LG, Susi
    In dubio pro reo: Im Zweifel für den Angeklagten

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    Wolf-hybrids can be some of the most excellent pets around. Yes, they can be the worst as well (as can Labs, Chihuahua's, Poodles or any other breed). A dog's temperament and attitude are a result of the owner's training. One of my hybrids was very skiddish at first. She was food aggressive, fought and pulled on a leash--you name it, she did it. It's been four years and now she's the best thing that could have ever happened to my family. With proper socialization, training and behavior modification, she is by far the perfect animal. I would trust her home alone with my three year old long before I would most 16 year old babysitters.

    The wolfy look without the wolf though, you can also consider Huskies or Malamutes.

    You say American Indian dog--are you meaning American Eskimo?? I personally have never owned one but I had a friend who had one once. It was a good dog but was full of energy and got bored easily. They ended up getting rid of it because it was destructive. I don't believe that was the dog though--it was destruction as a result of not being properly cared for by the owner. Had they walked it and kept it entertained with toys and attention it would not have been the way it was.

    Anyway--just my thoughts.

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    I read that this dog breed is very rare and some say it doesn't exist anymore- that any sold is a recreation.

    Seeing as it's an old breed used by Native Americans for work it would probably be a dog that would need a lot of mental and physical exercise. It also would, with proper training, probably make a wonderful companion as they used to keep mother and children Native Americans guarded during their daily harvesting. I also read this dog is coyote-like rather than wolf-like.

    So, I think it would make a great dog, but take a lot of work. I agree any dog can be good or bad- it's all about the training. It would be up to you and your schedule if it's the dog for you.

    I have no idea where you'd find one- maybe an online breeder.

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    thanks for your informations, it was interesting and helped my really. :)

    You said the wolf-hybrids aren´t the bad tempered dogs I thought, it would be wonderful if that´s true. A friend of me also had a wolf-hybrid and she was also a wonderful charakter. The hyprid helped the baby of the family to learn going and was like a babysitter for the babygirl.

    I read a lot about wolf-hybrids and some people say they are no good dogs and other say the hybrids are good dogs. I think they are fascinating animals. My dog should be able to go without a doglead and he should come if I say come. I don´t kow... can wolf-hybrids walk without a leash and come if I say it? If I adopt a dog, I know it would be a lot of work to get a friendly clever dog who does what I say and I walk a lot of time outside and love that so my dog should love it too.

    I want to adopt a dog who looks like a wolf in future. I know that since a long time and wolf-hybrids and the American Indian Dog are the only breeds I know who look like wolfs.

    I don´t know how the American Indian Dogs are named here in your country but in germany we say American Indian dog. When I searched in google for a dog who looked like a wolf, I found this dog. I read about them and the informations said that this breed exists since some times again. They had been hunted years ago and some people said it never existed but one man bred them and now you can find not a lot but some breeder who have this dogs. Here in Europe we have also some breeder in Netherlands (dutch) with this dogs. We have got breeder of the wolf-hybrids too.

    Malamutes or Huskys are not the dogs I want. The Indian Dogs or the wolf-hybrids are looking more than a wolf I think. If I could get a Indian dog it would be better.

    About the wolf-hybrids I would need more informations. In the internet I could read only a little bit. What I would need are owner of this dogs who can tell me more about them.

    Thanks for giving me informations!

    LG, Susi
    In dubio pro reo: Im Zweifel für den Angeklagten

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    Try here, they are a beautiful dog, but from what I'm reading they're just a mix of three different breeds, the Malamute the Huskey and the German Shepard, but I might be reading it wrong.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    No clue about the Indian dogs but I'll add my two cents worth on wolf hybrids.

    I have met only a handful in person and it was a split down the middle in regards to being good or bad.

    I am personally of the opinion that there isn't a bad breed of dog out there, just bad owners or poor dog/owner matches.

    Many owners make the horrible mistake of wanting a breed of dog based solely on it's LOOKS. This type of desicion making is very unfair to the dog. Instead owners should ascess their lifestyle and decide what they can and can't do with a dog. And they should be honest with themselves about the ability and skill in handleing a dog. Some breeds are NOT for the novice owner...most especially the headstrong breeds who have the size and ability to hurt someone if not properly handled. When people make poor matches with their dogs you see issues crop up like with the Pittbulls & Rotweilers. These aren't bad breeds of dogs...but many people who had no skill or business owning such a dog got their hands on them and as a result the breeds now have a bad reputation because of idiot people.

    A dog like a wolf hybrid CAN make an excellent companion. But I do NOT think it is the breed of choice for the novice dog owner or a timid person.

    These dogs are smart and athletic which means any person wanting to own one should be prepared to provide adequate mental and physical excercise for the dog. (this means alot more than just an evening walk for excercise)

    Due to some issues that tend to crop up in wolf hybrids it is ESSENTIAL in my opinion that extensive, early socialization and training are top priority. By this I mean sign up for a puppy socialization class (not sure if y'all have them in Germnay but here we do and it's sort of like a puppy play group where pups of various breeds are brought in and learn how to socialize with one another and are introduced to a variety of new situations in a safe and controled environment)

    Once completeing extensive early socialization, formal obediance training with a professional is a MUST. Not only is it once again a great way to have your dog socialized but it also provides the owner with help should issues crop up and your able to nip any problems in the butt before they turn into something serious. Also a bonus because your dog learns to listen to your commands in various places instead of only when he's at home.

    If your willing to make the commitment that this type of dog requires then yes I think it would make a great companion. But if your not up to the task you could end up with a problem on your hands so be honest with yourself on your abilities and please don't go forward with this if you don't think you can properly raise this dog to be a gentle, trustworthy companion. Having a dog that looks like a wolf is not nearly as important as having a companion that you can trust and enjoy so please do not let appearances be the sole factor in chooseing your dog.
    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras

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    here in Germany we have some classes for puppies where they learn to how to get social animals. We call this dog-schools and if you have a little puppie you can go there and the dog is able to play with some different other dogs. Yes we have this too. And if i would adopt a puppy I would go there for sure. And I would go there the same if I had a toypoodle a yorkshiere or a golden retriever or a collie. I would go there with every dog I had. I know that this is very helpful for the puppy and they learn there commands and playing friendly with others. Its I think like a kindergarden for little puppies.

    And after the kindergarden the dog can go to school and learn there some more commands. I would do this really.

    And I would make agility or other dog sport with my dog too. So I need a agil dog who likes to do that. I wouldn´t go only once the day outside for a little walk with my dog... I would train with him for hours. I would go outside in the early morning for a hour at lunch time for 2 hours and at night also for one hour. So the dog should have a good condition because i don´t only walk with him, I would jogg with him, he has to run next to my bike and to do agility like running above parquours or jumping for frisbees or something else like this. I think my dog has to be one with a good condition and he should be willing to do the things I said. I love it to be outside and I love it to play with my dog. It´t okay that the dogs i told are really agile animals. I need that... it would be not so good if my dog only wants to lay on the ground an hates it to do something... then it wouldn´t be the right dog for me.

    I know that the charakter of a dog is more important than how he looks. But if i can choose my dog and find one who looks the same i ever dreamed and also has a wonderful charakter, I would choose him. Why should I choose one who has a wonderful charakter but looks not good if I can have a good looking and wonderful dog? If both things are to have, I want to have them, you know.

    I read another homepage about the wolf-hybrids and there they said this dogs are different from others, they have more wolf in it and need a special handling. Their behave is different from other dogs and the owner should know how to handle this then the wolf-hybrids are wonderful characters and good companions. The Indian Dogs haven´t got this special behave and are easier to handle.

    If it´s true what you said and a wolf-hybrid is only this what his owner make fom him, then I think if I would adopt an hybrid it would became a nice comanion. I read on the websides that the wolf-hybrids are good rescue dogs because their good nose and condition.

    I don´t know which dog i will choose in future. If it will be an Indian dog or a wolf-hybrid but you can be sure that I would go with my dog into a dog school and do agility or other sports with him. I want to work with him and he should be willing to work with me.

    And thanks for your link to the homepage, the informations there where very useful for me.

    LG, Susi
    In dubio pro reo: Im Zweifel für den Angeklagten

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    Native American Indian Dog


    We have a Native American Indian Dog. She's extremely smart, yet independent. Very sensitive and sweet. If anyone approaches us in an unsavory manner, she is protective. Many people mistake her for a wolf or wolf-dog. She gets along well with most other well-mannered dogs as well as cats. We've done extensive socialization and training, which is most important. She understands many words and commands and she herself has an extensive vocabulary that ranges from howling to barking (rare - usually in protective mode) and even "talking". Due to high intelligence and sensitivity, this breed needs a lot of attention and love. Also, I wouldn't recommend letting this type of dog off-leash, since they are curious and tend toward roaming. The only place we let our dog off-leash is a fenced-in park or at certain beaches by the water if we have a high-value treat to practice re-calls and then only for a very limited time (20-40 minutes). If you have any questions about the breed, I'd be glad to try to answer them.

    Best of luck in finding your dog!


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    this dog breed is very rare and some say it doesn't exist anymore- that any sold is a recreation.
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