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    My two doggies...


    I am new here in this forum and I want to tell you a little bit about my best friends, my two dogs.

    My dogs names are Paul and Wurschtl. Paul is called in Germany Königspudel or Großpudel but how his breed is called here I don´t know.... he is a big poodle... with black and white curlies. Paul is 65cm tall and a very friendly boy. He has a very good behave and he comes with me if I speak in front of children in schools about handling pets right. He is always relaxed at my performance and loves it if the children come to stroke him. Paul is 1,5 years old and my first dog which is so tall like Paul.

    Wurschtl is a Teckel-poodle mix and came at the age of 6 monts to me. His first owner treated him not very good and he hadn´t seen the world outside his house before. He couldn´t walk more than 100 meters because he was fat and his muscels had to become firster fall better. He didn´t also know any commands and I had a lot to do with him to make that better. But today he is a very lovely dog who wants to learn a lot. He is able to make a lot of funny things like to jump through a ring or growl if i tell him to do that.... he is a clever little doggie and if you say something bad about him, he looks the same bad back at you. He also tried to bite sometimes my oncle because he dislikes animals and wurschl dislikes my oncle because that. He is a wonderful charakter and has a great personality... and both dogs are my best friends.

    okay I think I told most enough and now I show you some pictures of my dogs.

    This are Paul (19 months) and Wurschtl (17months). We all come from Bavaria in Germany so my little dog is called Wurschtl which means in englisch little sausage... I know it´s a strange name but every state has his own slang and the bavarian slang is the one I speak. Wurschtl is a german teckel and here in Bavaria it is a very popular dog and stands for Bavaria. So my original bavarian teckel should be called Wurschtl I think.

    Sorry I wanted to show you some pics with my dogs but uploading didn´t go! I tried it again and again but it didn´t want to go :( :( :( !

    Sorry :?

    LG, Susi
    In dubio pro reo: Im Zweifel für den Angeklagten

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    Welcome to the forum. It is possible that your pictures are too big to load.
    We would love to see pictures if you can get it working.

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    thanky for saying welcome to me!

    Oh I tried to get the pictures here into the forum and I made them really small but you can´t see any picts here. I don´t know why but I tried it with a lot of pics and I made them smaller or used smaller pics but it wouldn´t go. Here stands the pics shouldn´t be bigger than 250 kb i think but i used pics which had only 40kb and it didn´t go.

    I really want to show you my doggies and I have some funny and sweet pics of them but anyhow I can´t get them into this forum. In german forums I could show them but here not :( .

    I try it now again perhaps I can show them now to you... but if here in this post aren´t any pics it hasn´t worked again.

    Here is my next try:
    In dubio pro reo: Im Zweifel für den Angeklagten

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    Oh I am sooo happy!!! :) :) :) :)

    this are the pics I wanted to show you... I got them into here!!! :) :)

    Now you can see my dogs... and in this post I give you more pics... :wink:
    In dubio pro reo: Im Zweifel für den Angeklagten

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    Thanks for the pictures. Your pups look like alot of fun. I love the way the cat is so friendly with the dog. It is funny that with all the live dogs, they still keep the white toy dog close-by always. :)

    They are a handsome bunch.

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    nice dog an its has a clen shaggy
    its needs a bath everyday ?
    or use a special shampoo?



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