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Thread: Venting

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    Okay, so I think I needed this topic too, I need to vent. I live in Nova Scotia, and as part of the dog world I went into rescue, helping rehome rottweilers in need. I have seen the bull that the rottweiler and 'pitbull' get in this world and have been the victim of that discrimination. No one wanted to foster for us, and as I joined the other rescue groups I soon came to realise I was in the wrong place and backed out of rescue as soon as possible.


    Because the people around here are idiots. Over half the people here involoved in rescue are in it for the name and those who arn't are picked on by those who are. My friend who rescued cats was put down for having what was supposidly more cats then she could handle, which was bull. And not that it matters, if she wants to spend her money on saving cats instead of eating as much that month, thats her parogative. She wasen't looking for goster homes, or asking for money, she was doing what she could, on her own.

    Another left when she was running shepard rescue and a shepard was allowed to be destroyed because no one bothered to contact her, or offered to help her get the dog to her in anyway. I'm sure you all know the cost of gas and the cost of rescue often make transporting something that needs volenteers to do. In this case no one seemed to care that the dog was being left to die and she left. Neither of these great women left rescue, they just went at it privately, refusing contact from those involved in the province wide rescue groups.

    I myself left rescue when I recieved no help from anyone and was personally attack behind my back for being 'militant' with my dogs by a woman who had only met me once for less then ten minutes while we talked about me taking rotties she ended up with. Then not long after that I was attacked openly for using a prong collar on my shepard, claiming I was allowing my rescue dogs to be abused by using prong collars on my rescues. I add that it was in my contract that no prong collars, or head halters of any kind were allowed on my rescue dogs. errrr.

    Anyway, I digress, I left the group after this, and rescue, simply because they had slandered my name in a matter of months, even though my vet still backed me and gave my name out to people needing help rehoming their dogs. But today I went back to the message board they used and was reminded once more of how bad they really are. They had emailed a business up here, a francise I might add, and flew into them because they did not allow 'pit' type dogs in as per the rules of the francise.

    Now I don't know about the rest of you, but if I were trying to start a business, a real business and didn't have a ton of confidence in knowing what I was doing, I would go with a francise, a little more security, and everything is structured for you. When this group emailed them back they told them that it was the rule of the francise and until the rule was changed they would continue to send 'pit' owners to another very reputable boarding facility that was near by. In my mind they are doing right, they are doing all they can to run their business and still do what they can for those they can not help.

    So then the girls continue to tear down the site behind the boarding facilities back, snarking about the contracts, such as, 'we are not reasponsible for death or injury of your dog', don't know how many people have seen liablity contrcats, but that clause is in almost every single one of them. even the breeding contract I have for a stud farm states that exactly, its a liablity thing, and personally, if those women don't have the samething at their home boarding facilities they are going to seriously regret it one of these days.

    Anyway, I guess waht is really bugging me is how they are once more tearing someone down without giving them the chance to defend themselves. Not that it would help, they don't listen anyway, they're all close minded and stubbern and mules. But they will continue to slander this business to everyone they met and try to put them out of business at every turn and that really bothers me!!!

    And thats the end of my rant.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    Venting is the debut album and sole studio album by the post-grunge / hard rock music group Five.Bolt.Main. It was released on September 13, 2005 via Rock Ridge Music.

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    Venting is the debut album and sole studio album by the post-grunge / hard rock music group Five.Bolt.Main. It was released on September 13, 2005 via Rock Ridge Music.

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    Venting is the debut album and sole studio album by the post-grunge / hard rock music group Five.Bolt.Main. It was released on September 13, 2005 via Rock Ridge Music.

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    With this information your are spoiling us. Great post, thanks for sharing.



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