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    Not happy with the new job

    So I've been at the new job for a week now and I can undoubtedly say I am SOO unhappy. Almost down-right miserable.

    For starters, I'm absolutely disgusted with the cleanliness (or lack there of). Oh it is SOO gross. There's almost no care. I mean, they were doing spays and neuters right out in the lab. It's a small clinic. In the back there is one room with counters on two walls, cages on one and then the appointment rooms on the other. Then there's a big counter/table smack in the middle of the room. And this is where all the exams are done. Okay, they were doing spays/neuters on this table the other day!!!! With 5 vet techs walking by and dogs and cats like 3 feet away in cages.

    This guy came in the other day with his great dane puppy. It had vaccinations not quite a week earlier and had a massive reaction to it. Lost the hair all around all the injection sites. The doctor gave him some cream and an antibiotic and said instead of coming back in three weeks for the next set, to come back in 5!!!! Um, hello!!! Am I the only one who sees a problem with this???

    Yesterday they had this 18 year old lab mix in. It was doing his second dose of heart worm treatment. Very advanced case of heart worms. The dog was skin and bone cause the heart worms were taking all the nutrition from the dog's food. So she wasn't getting any. Okay, they gave the dog a FULL SET of vaccinations right before they gave it the heart worm treatment. Once again, am I the only one who sees a problem with this???

    They were cutting up some kind of roll dog food today. I don't remember the name of it but I looked at the ingredients and it was crap. Poor quality food. Anyway. They asked me if I wanted to try it (seriously, the other techs were eating it). I kind of chuckled and went "I wouldn't even feed that crap to my dog let alone take a bite myself". So the vet asked me what I feed my dogs then and I said they're on a RAW/BARF diet. She got onto me saying that I was killing them faster than if I fed them Ol Roy!!!! :shock:

    Some lady stopped me two days ago in the store and said she didn't recognize me and asked who I was. So I told her that I had just started working here. Well, she told me about her dog and said it was 6 years old and every year she brings it in for a booster shot and every year after the booster it gets sick with something--she said once it was mange, other times it'd get skin irritations around the injection site, sometimes it would just cough and/or sneeze for a week or two after words--basic stuff really. Anyway. She asked my opinion. I told her that my personal opinion, not having anything to do with the clinic, but if it were my dog I'd either stop the boosters all together or have his titers tested to find out where he stood for antibodies against all the potential diseases and then go from there (and I explained to her what that meant). Well, she brought it up with the vet at her appointment and when she left the doctor came and chewed my ass for suggesting something like that!!! She said EVERY dog should receive EVERY vaccination EVERY year of their life and if I ever suggest otherwise than I need to reconsider my profession. Come on!!! You can only be so immune to a disease before you just can't get anymore immune to it!!!!

    I could go on and on but I won't. And I'm only posting this here because Country and Celtech I know you guys will understand my feelings on this whole thing (cause no one else does). But today when I left I nearly balled my eyes out. Not out of sadness or anything but more because I was leaving with a heavy heart like I had done something wrong. Like I wasn't doing everything possible to ensure a happy, healthy life for these animals. Like I'm participating in their untimely demises.

    It's SOO hard to grasp all of what happens around that clinic. I'm going to my local animal shelter tomorrow. They've been trying to get an approval on hiring kennel staff, mainly to do physicals and find out which dogs need to see a vet and/or to administer medications (and we do vaccinate for Parvo and Corona around here because those are the two diseases most often seen). But like Distemper has not been reported in this area since the late 50's so we rarely vaccinate for it at the shelter. And we don't at all ever use the Lepto vaccine out there. But I'm going to talk to the shelter supervisor to see if there's anyway she can help me with a job.

    I'm just not sure how much longer I can handle the clinic setting. I did not get into animal care for the money. I'm in this because I want to help and do what's right with the animals.

    Anyway--thanks for letting me vent!

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    I'm so sorry to hear all this. Ask me your right, alot of that sounds so wrong, imagine doing an operation in a non-sterile room, thats just scary! I wouldn't want to be working where I felt helpless. I've been in that position, every night almost I would argue with my bosses about how unfair it is to not be able to help the people who need it. I think you should follow your heart, and if that means getting out of there, do so.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    The fact that the vet could not even consider or discuss an alternative approach to vaccinations is discouraging at best. Even if she does not change her mind, there is always the chance she could learn from the discussion. Sounds like it is time to ease on down the road.

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    So I went into the animal shelter this morning. Here's the deal, about 8 months ago the supervisor requested 4 kennel worker positions and the Chief of police (who gives the yes or no's to what the shelter can do) said yes. So about a month or so passed and I got a letter saying to expect the PD to be in contact with me to further my application process. Well, they never called. Turns out the Chief changed his mind and decided they could get "cheap labor" by getting some of the residents at the "mentally challenged" home to work instead. These are people who are competent enough to take care of themselves but still need help with a lot of things. Anyway. Well, it's not been working out quite so well so the supervisor has been pushing for him to allow hiring these 4 positions again. But she kept getting a 'no'.

    So she told me today that she went over the Chief's head and talked to the Major on Wednesday, almost in tears out of frustration because she didn't have enough help. She said he called her Friday and said "okay, you can have 2".

    So now it's just a waiting game. She said the Major told her the city personnel department would be in contact with her sometime this week to discuss the 2 new positions.

    So she didn't really have an answer for me but she said SOON and she was really excited about it. And she said it'll be great having me back there because she knows between me, her and one of the officers (who is a good friend of mine) we'll get everything done in 1/3 the time it was taking otherwise.

    So I'm excited!!!! I hope it really pulls through this time. But I can't wait to get back out there.

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    Awsome, keep at it, I'm sure everything will turn out great.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.

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    So Saturday when I was out at the shelter I mentioned to the supervisor (who is a friend of mine) that she should consider finding a different vet to perform the spays and neuters. I suppose they probably use the clinic I work at because that vet is willing to spay anything over 2 lbs. Which I agree is a good thing to have animals fixed, however, I don't believe it should be done on 6, 7, 8 week old puppies and kittens. I personally feel that this is way too young and should not be done at this age.

    Nonetheless. So I told the supervisor that I think she should take the animals elsewhere and if she won't, then she needs to seriously consider giving the animals antibiotics after they are returned to the shelter from the clinic. And I explained to her that animals that come from the shelter are not treated as good as owners who are paying cash for their spays/neuters. And she kind of wondered anyway because apparently 9 out of 10 animals that are returned after being fixed end up sick and most of them die within the first week. And we're talking over all healthy animals on surgery day that are dead within a few days. So I just suggested that she find somewhere else to go.

    So yesterday she called the clinic to talk to the vet wanting to know her opinion on why the animals keep coming back dead or so sick they end up dead. And the vet told her that it's because they offer the surgery at such a low cost to the shelter that they don't use antibiotics on the animals and they also don't use medication to help speed up them "waking up" after surgery. Which totally explains why the animals end up with upper respiratory type infections (because they get pneumonia from laying in the same position for so long after surgery).

    So I get to work this morning and the vet meets me outside as I'm walking into the clinic. And she tells me that she over-estimated how much help they'd be needing and was letting a few employees go.

    And as I was pulling out of the parking lot, a big truck with ASPCA on the side was pulling in.

    I SO hope they are doing an investigation into this clinic. I hope it all turns out for the best but someone's gotta look out for these animals. Just because they're owner-less shelter animals doesn't mean their lives are less worthy.

    But, on the other hand, now I'm out of a job. LOL



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