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    Hello and some questions

    Hello. New to this forum. Hope everyone is well.

    Looking at getting a dog as soon as I can afford the initial costs. And I was wondering if anyone could help me a bit with the breed. We've had pets of all kinds (no less than five at a time) my entire life. I live with my Dad, two younger brothers (16, 17) and one younger sister (12). We currently have two 7 month black labs, one male, one female (Barney and Betty), and three indoor only cats. We recently lost our 14 year old german shepherd/husky, Oliver and his lifelong buddy our golden/lab, Sandy.

    Now that I'm getting ready to start college and have already been working for a few years, etc. I don't plan on it, but if it comes to my moving out in a couple of years, I'd like to have an already trained companion dog. With just enough size and alertness to give a decent warning bark.
    I'm also pretty tired when I get home so I couldn't go out for long long walks every single day, though I will definitely do so a few times a week, but I plan to let my dog out to run with our labs and also probably go through some training classes (we're currently going through with the labs). So... The breeds I'm looking at right now I guess if I had to pick a top five - in no particular order because I vascillate a lot:

    Golden Retriever


    English Pointer

    Bull Terrier

    some kind of Shepherd or a Belgian Malinois

    I also would like to be prepared for up to 15 year commitment, good with kids, adaptable, etc... And have found it particularly difficult to find information on the pointer as a pet/companion as opposed to a gundog. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    Oh, also, I live in Arizona and it gets really hot, which is also something I have to take into consideration. Thanks again.

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    A rottweiler would make a good pet for what your discribing, they have a natural instinct to guard and are great family pets, they require little to no grooming and are fine on a few good walks a week, though you will have to creat train and definatly go to basic obediance class with any dog you chose. Shepards are also a good choice, grooming is more and they too guard very well. A bull mastif would be a very good chioce, they have no bite instincts hardly at all, but are still awsome guard dogs, love to just lay at your feet, need only a little execisize, their happy to laze around and are suppose to be very good with people, though I admit, this is a breed I have not owned. Good luck with whatever you decide, remember ask your breeder a ton of questions and do lots of reserch before choosing any breed. All dog need basic obediance classes, even the smallest ones, but espically the large ones.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.



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