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    I killed my fishes!!!

    :? :? :? :? :? :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I killed my fishes!!! Two glass fish, six tetra's and two suckers. I killed em all.


    I'm so upset. Almost "haha you dumby" upset.

    I was cleaning the tank. And I took out about 75% of the water so when I filled it back up since I have city water I put easy balance in it--it balances pH, removes chlorine, makes it safe for fishes.

    Yeah.....well..........I went to put in a couple drops (it's a 20 gallon tank) and I dropped the dang bottle!!! I think I dumped about 2 cups into the water.

    The went yellow instantly.

    I quick reversed the hose and it sucked the water out quick as it could. But obviously not fast enough.

    Cause before the water was out of the tank, my fishes were floating.

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    I know I shouldn't find that amusing but it reminds me of my friend who went out, bought close to one hundred dollars in fish, knowing nothing about fish at the time, she woke up the next morning all but one was gone, her oscar fish, which apparently is the next best thing to a parrana (sp). She tought herself all kinds about fish after that.
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    Yeah I had an Oscar and recently traded him. LMAO For the tetra's that I killed today too!!!!

    It's terrible. It's okay you find it amusing. To be quite honest, I'm really laughing. Not that I find it hilarious. More of an upset amusing moment.

    Low and behold, my placo survived though. Knock on wood. I took him out and put him in my SMALL little one gallon tank so he and my gold fish are hanging out right now.

    Of course, with my luck they'll both probably die.

    What a cruel world!



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