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    Cat scratching her cheeks till bleeding

    Hi, My sister's cat has hot spots on each side of her face (cheeks) just behind the mouth. She scratches the spots constantly to the point of bleeding. At one point, tearing the flesh. My sister has taken her to the vet at least 5 times, and the vet keeps 'trying' different things because she has no idea what the promblem is. I think the vet is relatively inexperienced and this bothers me a great deal. I am hoping that someone out there has heard of a similar problem.
    The cat has had to wear a cone for about a month -- which is so hard to watch, but the cat has a great attitude. On the vet's advice, my sister has tried: new special food, prescriptions, treatment for mites and worms, various creams and now an anti-depressant. The spots seem to heal very easily, but when the cone comes off, even for an hour, the cat makes them bleed again. Does anyone out there have advice to help this lovely kitty? Thanks!!!

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    Lotty with mouth sores

    I wonder if the kitty has 'feline acne' - if so this is generally caused and aggravated by the use of plastic food and water bowls - many cats develop facial and chin sores from this condition.

    If your sister is using plastic bowls suggest that she switch to glass or stainless steel and see if that helps. In the meantime the veterinarian should probably consider whether low doses of steroids might stop the 'itching' long enough for the sores to heal permanently. Your sister can also ask him if he things that a short term course of antibiotics would be helpful during the healing period.

    Hope this helps - please let us know.

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    scratching cheeks.....

    Frustrating indeed! My cat uses stainless dog bowls. Eliminate plastic as a cause, I guess...mine has pretty well the same.
    I'm adding a new post because of the way mine got the sore.
    All the best to you both!



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